As subject matter experts who identify and execute measurement initiatives on behalf of our clients
We offer both a-la-carte and turn-key models.

We specialize in working with your internal decision sciences team on analytical services

Partner with management to frame and prioritize the issues
Focus on business impact and implementation

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Mobile Application

Digital Marketing

An analytical services firm focused on effective measurement of business activity with an emphasis on the ?emerging? arena of customer success.


Taylored Analytics was founded in 2007 to answer the question, ?What do business users do with the data once they get it??

At times, we have been referred to as connectors between IT, lines-of-business & finance. We have contributed to the development of business processes for the implementation of analytical solutions including new technology.

Quite simply, we think of ourselves as Solution Integrators.

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Our Mission

To augment and/or improve the measurement capabilities of our clients in such a manner that both leadership and front-line employees can better understand how their activities relate to stakeholder value through:
Executing quantitative analyses that result in specific action plans with measurable outcomes

Identifying gaps in current capabilities, tools and/or approaches
Providing specific recommendations to address gaps

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Our Expertise
  • Statistics as a Second Language
  • Provide consulting & implementation services around Business Intelligence
  • Conduct modeling & analysis
  • Strategic Planning with focus on analytical foundation
  • Visualization & Reporting
  • Data transformation (prepping data for analysis)
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Statistics as a Business Language

Customized refresher course on how to best leverage statistical analyses in your business using real data sets from your company &/or industry

Predictive Models

  • Math modeling (especially around event failure/success & customer attrition)
  • Simulation
  • Decision science
  • Data mining
  • Optimization

Visualization & Reporting

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Business Intelligence Consulting

  • Data & analytics process audits
  • Analytics infrastructure assessment & recommendations
  • Develop methodologies & tools

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